lubomyr myronyuk B7ZA7c6aPyM unsplash scaled - ZALANDO LOGBOOK
Java, Micronaut, Ops


Do you need http request and response logging without it polluting your business code? Use Zalando Logbook and add this aspect to your stack! In this post we will add logging for all http requests and play around with the configurations. For more in depth…

sander lenaerts Ywew42 sa0E unsplash scaled - NATIVE IMAGE
Docker, Micronaut


Are you looking for a way to build super fast starting images with a low memory footprint? Use GraalVM’s native image and make the difference! To skip the details on when building a native image is possible we will use a framework that advertises with…

hans reniers lQGJCMY5qcM unsplash scaled - MICRONAUT TESTING
gRPC, Java, Micronaut


Having trouble testing your micronaut application? Or just interested on my take on micronaut testing? Just read along! In this post we will make some integration and unit tests for a micronaut gRPC API. For a wider view of the micronaut testing capabilities look at…

clint adair BW0vK FA3eg unsplash scaled - GRAPHQL WITH MICRONAUT
GraphQL, Micronaut


Are you working around the clock creating new REST endpoints for you clients? Are the requirements constantly changing? Use graphQL with micronaut and give more control to the client. The graphQL website is a great place to start reading. Also the tutorial by micronaut on…

juan davila P8PlK2nGwqA unsplash - GRPCURL
gRPC, Micronaut


Are you looking for an easy way to test your gRPC endpoints? Use gRPCurl from the command line and see the result in Json. It’s basically curl for gRPC endpoints. In this post we will explore my method of exploratory testing a gRPC server. The…

paz arando AzV7Ek6gap8 unsplash scaled - GRPC WITH MICRONAUT
gRPC, Java, Micronaut


Are you sick of writing client libraries for all your clients? Do you have trouble sticking to a contract-first approache with REST? Use gRPC! Specifically gRPC with micronaut! To get familiar with micronaut check out this previous post on micronaut. The complete code for this…

ivan henao 2DK CP WAuw unsplash scaled - TRAVIS CI
CI/CD, Cloud, Micronaut


Looking for a free and easy way to build your open source projects? Travis CI enables you to build, test and deploy your code in minutes! In this post we will setup a Travis CI build to get you going quickly. For a complete overview…

aaron burden ob6O xd67O0 unsplash - HEROKU PLAYGROUND
Cloud, Micronaut, Ops


Do you want to deploy your applications instantly to a cloud environment? Heroku offers a free account to get you started right away! In this post we set up our Heroku playground and deploy an app. You can read more on all other possibilities of…