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Ever found yourself opening incognito browser screens just to test your application with another account? The chrome sessionbox extension lets you create multiple sessions in separate tabs! Installing is easy via the google chrome webstore found here. Creating a new session First navigate to your…

Concert with lights
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In this post we look at reveal.js, a presentation framework from code! We discuss the benefits like importing themes and using i-frames inside the presentation. For a complete overview of all the features of reveal take a look at the on github here. Did…

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Ever wanted to commit something with a different git user? Maybe your employer provided a user for you? Here are some strategies. For more detailed information of the commands in this post please visit the git config documentation. Switch git user for one repository Suppose…

Vats of whine


As a freelancer you are responsible for your own taxes. Some get an accountant to this but there is not much to it if you break it down. Here we discuss the VAT declaration, BTW in dutch. VAT are the taxes you charge on the…