Collection of test bottles
Docker, Java, Spring Boot


Are you struggling finding the right strategy for your integration tests? Mocking does not cover everything and relying on all external services to be present also gives you a headache. What if there was a way to start the real service in your integration tests?…

Collection of tiny houses
Docker, Java


Do you want smaller images with a faster startup time? Use UPX to compress your executable inside your image. Use a UPX image! For more information on the internals of UPX take a look at their website here. Or at the source code of UPX…

Sailboat on a blue sea
Docker, Java


Do you need a simple way to build docker images for your java with maven applications? Use the jib maven plugin and let maven do the heavy lifting! For a complete overview of all capabilities of the jib maven plugin take a look at the…

Native peruvian lady
Docker, Micronaut


Are you looking for a way to build super fast starting images with a low memory footprint? Use GraalVM’s native image and make the difference! To skip the details on when building a native image is possible we will use a framework that advertises with…

Deer in the woods


Are you writing secure Dockerfiles? Are you scanning for security vulnerabilities of the base images you use? Use hadolint and trivy to upgrade your container security! We are going to explore two tools for writing better and more secure images: hadolint (code here on github)…