annie spratt nob5UTb3nGs unsplash - TERMINAL ARRANGEMENT
Command line


Do you find yourself opening terminals and first resizing and arranging them before starting your commands? In this article we look at some helpful shortcuts for arranging one or multiple terminal windows with iTerm2. Personalise your terminal arrangement. For the full documentation on iTerm2 take…

sean brown EOQWxAK9aNk unsplash - TREE COMMAND
Command line


Ever been working your way down directories with alternating ls and cd? Not knowing by heart what the whole directory structure looks like can be a pain. But there is a way out with the tree command! This post is part of a series on…

alex loup aX ljOOyWJY unsplash - HTTPIE
Command line


Postman was my go to tool when I considered making a http request. That all changed when I found out httpie gives a very easy and short API precisely for this. In this post I will show why I like httpie. The full documentation can…

alex radelich 2gYsZUmockw unsplash - Z COMMAND
Command line


Working from the command line can be repetitive. Are you sick of typing the same path to a directory over and over again? Are you sometimes opening a finder to see what this path was? Z to the rescue! Now you can jump to this…

jason leung 7rR WSk4HM0 unsplash - FISH SHELL
Command line


As I gain more experience as a software developer I find myself using the command line a lot more. With this growing demand comes a growing need for powerful tools for the command line. In comes fish shell. For a complete documentation and installation guide…