jason dent 1387007 unsplash - KUBERNETES AUTOSCALING
Cloud, Docker


On of the benefits of a Kubernetes cluster is easy scaling. In this post we configure some rules for autoscaling. We start off with the example application from an earlier post. The complete autoscaling code can be found on github. Autoscaling Suppose we have an…

matt howard 186811 unsplash - KUBERNETES INGRESS
Cloud, Docker


In previous posts on deploying an application to a Kubernetes cluster we used a NodePort to expose the service to the outside world. Ingress is a separate Pod where we can control this exposure via routing, security and rate limiting. In this post we will…

alex machado 435966 unsplash - DOCKER ON JENKINS
CI/CD, Cloud, Docker


A lot of companies use Docker to unify their build process. Here we show how to set up a Jenkins pipeline using Docker. First follow my older post JENKINS ON MINIKUBE to get your own Jenkins instance running on minikube. Simple test application We need…