matt hardy 6ArTTluciuA unsplash scaled - FLUENT
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Are you sick of going into a Kubernetes cluster to look at the logs of an application? Do you want a clear overview of the access logs over several pods? Use these tools for a fluent log experience. We are going to use fluent-bit, fluentd,…

ivan henao 2DK CP WAuw unsplash scaled - TRAVIS CI
CI/CD, Cloud, Micronaut


Looking for a free and easy way to build your open source projects? Travis CI enables you to build, test and deploy your code in minutes! In this post we will setup a Travis CI build to get you going quickly. For a complete overview…

aaron burden ob6O xd67O0 unsplash - HEROKU PLAYGROUND
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Do you want to deploy your applications instantly to a cloud environment? Heroku offers a free account to get you started right away! In this post we set up our Heroku playground and deploy an app. You can read more on all other possibilities of…

sara kurfess 8UP1 Fw7GSA unsplash - PROMETHEUS ALERTING
Cloud, Kubernetes, Ops


In an earlier post we saw how to setup a Prometheus instance in our cluster. Here we create alerts on the Prometheus monitoring for when some action is needed on our pods. No need for constant monitoring with Prometheus alerting. For in depth documentation on…

jason dent 1387007 unsplash - KUBERNETES AUTOSCALING
Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes


On of the benefits of a Kubernetes cluster is easy scaling. In this post we configure some rules for Kubernetes autoscaling. We start off with the example application from an earlier post. The complete autoscaling code can be found on github. Autoscaling Suppose we have…

matt howard 186811 unsplash - KUBERNETES INGRESS
Cloud, Kubernetes


In previous posts on deploying an application to a Kubernetes cluster we used a NodePort to expose the service to the outside world. Kubernetes Ingress is a separate Pod where we can control this exposure via routing, security and rate limiting. In this post we…

max langelott 665852 unsplash - NPM LIBRARY JENKINS
Angular, CI/CD, Cloud


To display the expressive power of the Jenkins build we show here how to create a Jenkins pipeline for a npm library. We focus on the differences apposed to the Java application pipeline we saw in an earlier post. Angular test library As of Angular…

fancycrave 342526 unsplash - GENERIC JENKINS FILE
CI/CD, Cloud


What if you have multiple projects all having similar Jenkins file? (If not, you can follow this post to create one or more) Is there a way we can template this so can maintain this file in one place? Is there a way to get…

christian fregnan 711971 unsplash - JENKINS ON MINIKUBE
CI/CD, Cloud, Docker


In my current project we are moving our application to the cloud. This means there is a Kubernetes cluster with a Jenkins build server. To get the hang of this setup I got my own Kubernetes cluster locally with minikube and deployed a Jenkins on…