wonderlane T MX9AIaLvU unsplash scaled - MAVEN ARCHETYPE
CI/CD, Java


Are you copying an old maven project every time you need a new one? Maybe a maven archetype is the solution for you! In this post we will create a maven archetype to quickly create a micronaut graphQL API. A different guide on how to…

age barros Xb745p9PdA4 unsplash scaled - JGITVER
CI/CD, Git


Are you looking for a easy way to handle versioning of your maven projects? Use the jgitver maven plugin! In this post we will setup the plugin and show some of the main features. For a complete overview of the plugin and its workings please…

anton nazaretian lQsukG4AVKo unsplash scaled - CREATE A MAVEN PLUGIN
CI/CD, Java


Do you want to incorporate a task in your maven build? Discover how to create a maven plugin! In this post we will create a plugin that will alter a protobuf specifications file. A more in depth guide is made by apache and can be…

ivan henao 2DK CP WAuw unsplash scaled - TRAVIS CI
CI/CD, Cloud, Micronaut


Looking for a free and easy way to build your open source projects? Travis CI enables you to build, test and deploy your code in minutes! In this post we will setup a Travis CI build to get you going quickly. For a complete overview…

integration web
Angular, CI/CD


As an Angular developer npm install is a well known command. Copying this command to your Continuous Integration pipeline is a bad idea. Use the npm ci command instead. Here is why. We will concentrate on the differences betwee install and ci. For the complete…

max langelott 665852 unsplash - NPM LIBRARY JENKINS
Angular, CI/CD, Cloud


To display the expressive power of the Jenkins build we show here how to create a Jenkins pipeline for a npm library. We focus on the differences apposed to the Java application pipeline we saw in an earlier post. Angular test library As of Angular…

fancycrave 342526 unsplash - GENERIC JENKINS FILE
CI/CD, Cloud


What if you have multiple projects all having similar Jenkins file? (If not, you can follow this post to create one or more) Is there a way we can template this so can maintain this file in one place? Is there a way to get…

christian fregnan 711971 unsplash - JENKINS ON MINIKUBE
CI/CD, Cloud, Docker


In my current project we are moving our application to the cloud. This means there is a Kubernetes cluster with a Jenkins build server. To get the hang of this setup I got my own Kubernetes cluster locally with minikube and deployed a Jenkins on…