Ever found yourself opening incognito browser screens just to test your application with another account? The chrome sessionbox extension lets you create multiple sessions in separate tabs!

Installing is easy via the google chrome webstore found here.

Creating a new session

First navigate to your site and click the sessionbox icon. We will demonstrate with facebook.

Screenshot 2019 08 16 at 08.44.40 - CHROME SESSIONBOX

Here we see the sessions for your site. We can add a temporary session or a session that is stored in this overview. When creating a stored session we can personalise it so we can remember what it is for with a name and a color.

Screenshot 2019 08 16 at 08.42.59 - CHROME SESSIONBOX

Managing sessions

When you want to login as a specific user just click the sessionbox icon again and you can choose between your stored sessions.

Screenshot 2019 08 16 at 08.44.28 - CHROME SESSIONBOX

Hopefully you can now use the chrome sessionbox extension for testing with different users. Happy sessioning!